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In the Introduction section, you will acquire information on what exactly the theory of intelligent design is. This section also contains a historical overview of the discussed theory, as well as the most important information about intelligent design theorists and scientists with similar views. You can also learn about the meaning of terms used in discussions on intelligent design theory, as well as its technical concepts.

In the Reprints section you can read various texts that touch upon different aspects of ID theory. The texts were divided into critical, sympathetic and other. This makes our site different from similar initiatives, as it has a balanced overview of the subject. Intelligent design, as any scientific theory, has its advantages, but also disadvantages and problems.

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The Intelligent Design Series section is particularly noteworthy, as it presents a new initiative on the Polish publishing market. There you can buy the most important books written by ID theory supporters. These works contain not only positive arguments in favor of the theory, but also indicate problems confronting the theory of evolution.

In the FAQ section you can read about the most popular issues raised in discussions about ID theory. In this section you will learn, inter alia, why ID theory is not religious in nature, a frequently made illegitimate criticism.   

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