About us

Due to the common misunderstandings of ID theory and our activity, we would like to explain:

What we do NOT stand for:

We hereby inform that this website is not related to any religious group or denomination. We do not identify ourselves with anti-evolutionists’ radical views, nor with any form of creationism. We do not aim to promote any non-scientific ideology or non-scientific worldview.

We do not perceive ID theory as absolute truth but as a proposal of a different, perhaps more accurate description of reality. We do not know for now if this description is definitively better than others but we would like to find out.

What we DO stand for:

We publish materials from various sources, not only favorable, but also critical to ID theory. We do not want to limit ourselves to just one point of view.

Unfortunately, ID theory is for various reasons marginalized in the scientific establishment. Our thesis is primarily that – according to the current understanding of science ID theory should be treated like any other scientific theory, and if scientists’ precise research shows that it is wrong, it should be rejected and other more favorable solutions should be looked for.

Our motto

There is nothing wrong with searching, it is much worse to cling on to a fixed point of view and reject everything that does not fit into it.